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Welcome to Sawtooth & Steel, my name is Kristie and my husbands name is Colin. We have been married since the summer of 2014, and have three kids, Chloe (our daughter), Callum (our son), and Isla (our daughter) ages 5, 3 and 1. We are the proud owners and founders of Sawtooth & Steel.

A little how we all got started…we bought our first house together in the spring of 2015 and like most people were house poor and had no furniture! That thanksgiving we wanted to host dinner and had no table. I really wanted a farmhouse table, but we didn't want to pay the Pottery Barn price. So my husband being an engineer, always working with metal got creative. His job had a pallet left over from a giant industrial machine that he brought home to make a table top out of, and he used his friends machine shop to build steel legs. Once it was done we had so much positive feedback that he decided to make this a side hustle to help offset with me being a new stay at home mommy. For the next two years we built a website, advertised online in which he stayed plenty busy building various style tables, benches and bar stools for people all over the greater Seattle area. Once our second was born in 2017, he began to slow down his advertising as we were busy with two little kids. Fast forward to the summer of 2018, we decided we wanted to buy our own CNC machine. So that fall we bought our first piece of real heavy equipment, a Lincoln Electric 4800 plasma table. I have always wanted to make metal decor, and so we hit the ground running before the holiday season of 2018 making metal ornaments, custom address signs and stools. That next summer (2019) I participated in the Snohomish Farmers Market every other Thursday. I really enjoyed talking and getting to know people in our community. Creating custom pieces was so much fun! Half way through the season I found out I was pregnant with our third child and cancelled the rest of my farmers market days.


Rewind to earlier in 2019 Colin left his Monday through Friday job to start his dream business, aka Mclane MFG. We have a 5,000 square foot warehouse in Monroe, bought a waterjet machine and a press brake. We still have the capabilities to make all the things steel but do not work with wood anymore. While we don't make whole furniture anymore, you can still buy steel table frames, stool frames and of course our ever so popular signs!  It's funny how businesses change over the years. We hope to meet you soon and thanks for stopping in!

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