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Our outdoor address/name signs are made out of Corten steel. This material is 3/16" thick, and designed to rust over time without rusting through. All numbers are 5", which is washington state code. We'll customize with your address because why would you want one with ours on it?!


Orientation: Vertical or Horizontal


Size for vertical:

2 Numbers: 7.5" x 13" x 1"

3 Numbers: 7.5" x 19" x 1"

4 Numbers: 7.5" x 25" x 1"

5 Numbers: 7.5" x 31" x 1"

6 Numbers: 7.5" x 37" x 1"

*Please note that the horizontal signs will have widths slightly smaller than this as the width of each number varies.


Mounting: We cut screw holes into the numbers that you'll use to hang your sign where you please. (Hardware not included) Note: the more weather exposure, the faster you'll see weathering of your sign.


Care: These signs are designed to be maintence free.


Font: We primarily us Calisto MT Bold but we do offer 5 other font options, please see our picture in this add and let us know which one you'd like at check out.


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