Available today!!! American made hand sanitzer stand.  Place in your office lobby, gym, cafeteria; anywhere you, customers or visitors would need to sanitize their hands quickly and easily.


  -  Made of steel tubing and steel plate.

  -  Black powder coat finish.

  -  Easy assembly.

  -  Bracket with drip tray.

  -  Extremely sturdy and very portable.

  -  Stands 4 feet tall 

  -  Base is 15.5" by 15.5" (10 gauge)


**Recommended use with hands free purell dispenser, not included unless selected at checkout.

COVID Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

  • Sawtooth and Steel or any associated parties are not responsible for any COVID symptoms or deaths related to purchasing/using a stand. These stands are to be used with sanitzer to help the spread of any illness or disease. Please use responsibly, stay clean and safe. 

    1. Unbox
    2. Place base plate on floor
    3. Remove 2 spring steel buttons, two screws and 2 washers from free floating bag.
    4. Insert 1 spring steel button into base tube
    5. Align hole in longest tube with button and click tube in
    6. Insert 2nd spring steel button into the second tube
    7. Align hole and button, click second tube into place.
    8. Place a washer on each screw, screw one into the side of pole (do not tighten all the way).
    9. Attached bracket to pole slipping the side onto the screw that was just placed and inserting a screw through the top of the bracket and then into the top of the pole. Tighten both screws.
    10. Hardware that is taped to the back of the bracket to be used to hold the dispenser (dispenser not included unless added at checkout)
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